In a move that many fans will find unexpected, Bethesda has teamed up with Harmonix to bring free “Fallout 4” downloadable content (DLC) to “Rock Band 4.” The content will be available sometime in December and will be free for everyone, since the DLC changes are mostly cosmetic.

The free DLC will let a player’s custom character rock out on the big stage with attires based on the open-world post-apocalyptic roleplaying game (RPG). As noted by GameSpot, players will be able to sing songs from their favorite rock bands while sporting a Vault 111 uniform and a pip-boy on the wrist.

Other accessories include the gas masks that plenty of “Fallout” characters wear due to the radiation and caps that will match the Vault 111 uniforms. Players can even add make up that characters wear during post-apocalyptic themed stories for some reason, which should be fun for fans of the popular genre.

This isn’t the first crossover DLC based on “Fallout 4,” as “Forza Motorsport 6” also featured content based on the video game by Bethesda. Since it was a racing game the DLC was obviously new cars based on the game, some of which even appear in “Fallout 4.”

The presence of “Fallout 4” can also be felt outside of video games. Polygon stated that there is currently a soda and shoes based on the hit video game, showing how popular the title has gotten over time.

Fortunately for fans, the hype seems to have paid off as “Fallout 4” is a game of the year contender to many fans and critics alike. While the main gameplay hasn’t changed too much, the open-world and numerous side quests seem to have made up for it, as it lets players feel like the world is truly alive.

“Rock Band 4” players will be able to download the “Fallout 4” DLC for free next month. They can also download the Van Halen DLC that came out recently, which features six of the band’s best songs for $US9.99.

Only time will tell if we see more unexpected DLC based on “Fallout 4.” The actual game itself won’t have DLC until next year, though a season pass can currently be purchased.

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Rock Band 4 - Introducing Fallout 4 Outfits (Credit: YouTube/GameSpot)