GDC 2015 is seeing a lot of games and developments. And the PS4 is not spared of new titles and technology coming in via the event in San Francisco. Fans can expect two new titles and some more details on the much awaited Project Morpheus, the PS4’s answer to a virtual reality experience

Coming in hot and heavy with music is the announcement of the “Rock Band 4,” which is coming to next-gen consoles. Harmonix announced via a press release that it will be partnering with Mad Catz for the interactive gaming title with matching new hardware.

“Rock Band 4” will reportedly have over 2,000 track support including those that have been launched in 2007. So for those who have already bought or downloaded playable tracks for the PS3 or Xbox 360 version can now enjoy those on the PS4 and Xbox One with no additional fees. Harmonix also promises hundreds of tracks with the launch of the title, with more expected to debut after launch. More details are expected to come before “Rock Band 4” is released this May.

Project Morpheus Core System And Controllers Showcased

The Project Morpheus has come a long way from being a concept to seeing a demo. At GDC 2015, Sony has finally revealed some demos for the VR project. SlashGear reports that the headset paired with the augmented reality via the PS4’s DualShock 4 are actually among the best.

In a nutshell, the PS4’s Project Morpheus extends the PlayRoom that’s meant for the PlayStation Eye Camera. The demos are supposed to be in the context of virtual reality, but it would be interesting how these would play out when paired with the Project Morpheus.

Overall, the main core system of Project Morpheus is already established. However, according to an interview with GameSpot, SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida had stated that there are still some minor improvements that are meant to be done before the actual launch.

What this means is that there are currently no plans for a wireless Project Morpheus, to ensure that the 1080p experience will not be disrupted. For now, the main features showcased came in the form of the demos, but Yoshida confirmed that E3 2015 may see a few of the VR games that Sony is working on for Project Morpheus.

‘Titanfall 2” Is Coming To Next-Gen Consoles, Timed-Exclusivity Possible

It has been some time since any word on “Titanfall” came from developer Respawn Entertainment. The last confirmation was that there was a sequel in the works, though a definite release date and platforms have not been confirmed. But according to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, he thinks that Sony will get a share of the fan base via the PS4. But at the same time, Microsoft may still try to get some leverage with a timed exclusivity.

In an interview with Gamingbolt, Pachter said that he believes that the sequel to “Titanfall” is still a long ways away, probably in the holiday of 2017. This takes into consideration how long the development of “Titanfall’ was. His prediction of a no Xbox One-entirely exclusivity is based on the assumption of the PS4 continuing to outsell its biggest rival.

Of course, this is not yet the time to ignore the Xbox One, especially with all of the big plans that Microsoft has recently laid out. But with the all the new technology now available, Pachter said that it’s safe to assume that “Titanfall 2” will release on next-gen consoles alone.

Project Morpheus demo (Credit: YouTube/SlashGear)

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