No Man's Sky
No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy. Hello Games

AAA games from big-name developers are not the only ones making waves for 2016. There is also a rather sizable list of indie games to look forward to in 2016, thanks to the rising demand of new games that bring forth different gameplay experiences and options.

As such, indie developers are consistently working on bringing new games for Xbox One, PlayStation, PC and other platforms. The talented start-ups and long standing indie game development studios are crafting some truly amazing video games.

In 2016, players can expect a large number of indie games coming from the developers around the world. Players should definitely know about what indie games are coming this year to make sure they are not missing some good games in the new year.

“No Man’s Sky”

Those who’ve been looking for upcoming indie games may have heard of PS4 exclusive “No Man’s Sky.” Players are thrown into an infinite universe where they can explore new galaxies and planets. The game is coming in June. According to a report by London24, “No Man’s Sky” is a huge game and exploring each area in the game will take years to complete.


“Unravel” by Coldwood Interactive is one of the most touching indie games coming this year. Yarny, the game’s protagonist, ventures from home and takes the player on an adventurous quest set in beautiful environments. “Unravel” is coming soon on Feb. 2. “Unravel” is coming with a unique sense of emotions, and those who love playing games with an emotional touch can also consider playing another indie title of a similar beat. The heartwarming indie game “That Dragon, Cancer” by Numinous Games, launched on Jan. 12.

“The Witness”

Another upcoming indie game, “The Witness,” is releasing on Jan 26. The game was announced for PS4 way back in 2013 but the plans didn’t take shape. Finally, PlayStation confirmed “The Witness” for PlayStation 4. The game is an exploration-puzzle set in an open world island where players will solve mysteries and puzzles available on the island.

With hundreds of developers working around the world, it is not possible for gamers to track each game. Those interested to know about more games can expect release of some more indie games such as “Firewatch,”“Bombernauts,” “Ray’s the dead,” “Dead Realm,” “Iconoclasts” and “Hyper Light Drifter.”

No Man's Sky - 'I've Seen Things' Gameplay Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Hello Games Tube)