Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck arrives for the European Premiere of "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" in Leicester Square in London, Britain, March 22, 2016. Reuters/Luke MacGregor

While a lot of critics and fans were certainly impressed withBen Affleck’s portrayal of Batman, not too many were impressed with “Batman v. Superman” as a movie and this was reflected in its ratings. First, the directing duties were offered to Ben Affleck for the upcoming solo “The Batman” film. However, things took a different turn when he relieved himself of such. In doing so, he said that there would be better results if he gave his all to acting while somebody else as dedicated would pour in just as much effort in directing.

Soon after, many different directors were cited by different media sources to have taken the directorial helm on the next solo Batman film. Some of those mentioned were Zack Snyder and Matt Reeves from the “Planet of the Apes” franchise, who reportedly already agreed.

Now, rumours are once again swirling that Ben Affleck does not want anything to do with the caped crusader. In other words, he does not want to be Batman anymore. This rumour was started off by John Campea, the host of Collider Movie Talk, when he earlier said that three key people that are all concerned with Warner Brothers have all said that Affleck has been attempting to quit.

Over the past four days, Independent said that the actor had talked to three separate people who are connected to Warner Brothers in some way. Campea reportedly said that they have been telling him that Ben Affleck wants out. He no longer wants to be Batman and he has been told that Affleck has been in talks with Warner Brothers in an attempt to get out of being the Dark Knight. If Warner Brothers would not let him go, the upcoming standalone Batman film could be the last time that fans would see Affleck as the caped crusader of Gotham.

While these rumours can already devastate fans as early as now or if these are just speculations born out of nowhere that arise out of every big project, Campea had warned fans to take these rumours with a massive grain of salt. Nothing has been confirmed yet at this point and both Warner Brothers and Ben Affleck are yet to comment on the real deal.

Meanwhile, recent reports have revealed that negotiations between Matt Reeves and Warner Bros. have failed, writes Hollywood Reporter. As of this writing, "The Batman" still has no director. Ben Affleck will next be seen as Batman in “Justice League,” which is set to air in November 17, 2017. The Batman solo film is set to air on 2018 or 2019, depending on how things turn out.

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