'Battalion 1944' game will be published by Square Enix through its Collective label
In-game screenshot of "Battalion 1944" YouTube/Bulkhead Interactive

The team behind Square Enix has a new project in store for their avid fans. The upcoming game “Battalion 1944” is bound to be based on a World War setting rather than a fictional environment that fans of the video game publisher have been accustomed to.

The Square Enix game company has been well-known for its fictional creations when it comes to the gaming industry. Some of its works include titles such as “Final Fantasy,” “Kingdom Hearts" and “Dragon Quest.”

Now, World War 2 based game will soon be added to its long list of gaming franchise. The skill-based multiplayer shooter game is aiming to introduce the players to a war-based game with a Square Enix touch. The upcoming game will be published through the Collective label of Square Enix.

The developer team of Bulkhead said through IGN that Square Enix Collective offers both funding and administrative support for the games that they chose to fund. This collaboration allows small studios, such as Bulkhead, to focus on development and community interaction.

Collective is a curated platform that enables creators to post ideas and lets gamers judge whether those ideas should become reality or not as explained by the Collective website. It further explains that if an idea is supported by the community, the team behind Collective may offer to support the project through crowdfunding as well. This can be done through the help of Kickstarter.

The game to be selected will be based on weekly pitches found on the Collective website. These pitches are from different developers from all around the world. The Collective team will invite expert gamers from their community to check these games out. They will also give feedback and tell these hopeful indie game developers if they would support the project in the future.

Overall, the abovementioned funding website offers two primary goals set for indie game makers. First is them trying to help small teams build awareness of their ideas and, most importantly, helping the indie game to be self-published.

The “Battalion 1944” game uses other war based games as their. The likes of original “Battlefield,” “Call of Duty” and “Medal of Honor” games are among their inspirations. The game has already started on their alpha testing as of now.

The team behind Bulkhead also targets for their game to release an early access version this June. There is still no news as to when the game would officially launch in the market. “Battalion 1944” is projected to for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platform upon its full release.