Batman Arkham Knight Playable Characters
All the playable characters for the AR Challenges in "Batman: Arkham Knight" Warner Bros

Support for “Batman: Arkham Knight” continues well into 2016. Warner Bros. has released the latest pack, dubbed as the Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #6 on the PC.

The newest expansion sees maps in Wayne Manor and the Batcave, as seen in the screenshots obtained by GameSpot. The DLC will have Predator, which features the Wayne Manor Main Hall, the Batcave and Sanatorium Medical Facility. It also has Combat, featuring Iceberg Lounge, Crime Alley and Monarch Theatre.

There is also a free Batman Inc. skin that comes with the expansion. Developer Rocksteady Studios has teased this over its official Twitter. This is part of the January update for “Batman: Arkham Knight.” The skin can also be access by anyone, regardless of which platform they are using, though the schedules of when it will be released for the platforms do differ.

The Batman Inc. skin is already out on the PC. PS4 and Xbox One players will need to wait until Jan. 26 to access the new DLC and the additional free skin.

Alongside the new DLC for “Batman: Arkham Knight” comes a new patch for the PC. This new patch allows for a few updates and tweaks for the game’s PC version.

Detailed over at the Steam Community page, the latest patch adds support for the January DLC. Additionally, it has a couple of bug and issue fixes, including those that involve the benchmark map for the Season of Infamy: Most Wanted Expansion, the flickering issues at launch, keyboard and mouse prompts, in-game store issues for free DLCs, mad keys rebinding for incorrect quickfire gadget attacks, specific to Red Hood, Batgirl and Harley Quinn. The PC patch also includes some stability improvements for DLC gameplay.

Rocksteady and Warner Bros. have been diligent in rolling out post-launch content for “Batman: Arkham Knight.” There was also a December update for the game alongside new skins.