Final Fantasy Explorers
Square Enix has unveiled 11 characters with special moves in "Final Fantasy Explorers." Square Enix

Square Enix has released a new infographic via press release, showing off 11 characters for the “Final Fantasy Explorers” title. The new infographic, seen above, shows off characters including Cecil, Bartz, Tifa, Tidus, Squall, Yuna, Vaan, Terra, Lightning, Aerith and, of course, Cloud.

All of the characters have their own unique skills. In addition to their individual powers, the characters can also summon, recruit and level-up some of the monsters in “Final Fantasy Explorers.”

Well-known favourites include Cloud, Yuna and Lightning. Cloud has the Omnislash special move, which cleaves enemies with a blinding flurry of slashes. Yuna can execute the Great Whirl, a powerful non-elemental attack that can do multiple hits on the enemy. Lightning has the Gestalt Drive special move, which is a two-step combo move that first hails down bullets into the opponent before allowing Lightning to charge off and finish them.

The developer also revealed that Trance Mode allows players to gain more incredible power to execute the ultimate attack. These refer to the special moves, specified in the infographic above, which could be one of the significant weapons that players can deal against foes. Most of the special moves are from popular installments of “Final Fantasy.”

Alongside the new infographic is a new trailer for the game. Dubbed as the legacy trailer, it features the hallmarks found in the entire FF franchise, which can also be seen in the game. The trailer shows off the Trance Mode happening in the game.

Impressions of the “Final Fantasy Explorers” have been good for the most part. Game Revolution reported that it delivers a good enough lore and character from the “Final Fantasy” franchise. At the same time, despite the usual power-ups of characters, this does not take away from the fun of a casual gamer. If anything, it takes into account one’s capability and resources in fighting, as well as fighting styles and strategy.

“Final Fantasy Explorers” is coming to North American on Jan. 26 with two editions. The Standard Edition clocks in at US$39.99 (approx. AU$58), while the Collector’s Edition is priced at US$69.99 (approx. AU$101). It will debut three days after, on Jan. 29, in Europe, Australia and New Zealand for Nintendo 3DS.

"Final Fantasy Explorers" Legacy Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Square Enix UK)