Xbox One
The Xbox One February update brings the Gamerscore leaderboard and other social features. Xbox Wire

Xbox One Preview members can start accessing the newest update for Microsoft’s next-gen console, dubbed as the Xbox One February System Update. The new update will bring in new features in what will be the first major update in 2016.

For this round, Microsoft is continuing to extend social features for the Xbox Live for both the Xbox One and PC players. The update will bring in the Gamerscore Leaderboard so players can see where they rank in terms of Gamerscore performance. This can be viewed in a 30-day period, accessible via the Achievements section of the profile, Xbox Wire detailed.

The Xbox One February Software System Update will also now allow Xbox One players to see who is in a Party before they join. This can be done by clicking on the Chat button to view the Party members. Additionally, Preview members can start joining Twitch Broadcasts of friends via the Game Hubs.

Other notable features coming include an update to the Activity Feed, easier reorganisation of Xbox One Home tiles and improvement for Suggested Friends. Finally, the ability to hide content has also been re-enabled for betas, apps and games that players no longer want to install.

The Xbox One February System Update follows the major transformation that the Xbox One received with the November update. It had also been known as the New Xbox One Experience update, as it brought major improvements with the integration of the Windows 10 and the inclusion of more social features to the Xbox One.

Apart from the Xbox One February System Update, there will also be an update to the Xbox Beta app. Engadget reported that there are a few features coming to the app that will enabled shared features between the two platforms. These features include an integrated Avatar Store, which is now built into the Xbox Avatars app as well as the Windows 10 PC and phones.

The store can be accessed via the Xbox Avatars app. In addition, the Xbox news can be browsed by both the Xbox Beta app and Preview audiences.

Xbox One February System Update (Credit: YouTube/Muzu)