Even before the mod feature for PS4 and Xbox One versions of “Fallout 4” arrive, there are already a couple on the PC. Some of these are very helpful to the players, such as bringing a defensive robot into settlements or reusing an item to upgrade the SPECIAL statistics.

This time, here are three new mods that can change up the scenery. Additionally, the other mods will improve settlements with water towers and better stores.

Better stores

Players have to make use of materials from the wasteland. But that does not mean that they cannot use a mod to make sure that, aesthetics-wise, some areas of the settlement will still look good.

“You’ve spent all this time building a beautiful home for you and [your] companions, only to ruin it all by having to place big bulky stalls that well, let’s just say [stick] out like Dogmeat’s dogmeat,” said mod creator blazeda59.

One Nexus modder blazeda59 has made the Better Stores mod, which aims to give players smaller stall options. These can be placed inside structures and can be decorated. The smaller stalls have craftable extensions, though the developer is still looking for a way to snap them together in another future fix. The mod will add 20 flags that can be customised, 20 store decorations, 20 signs, cash register and med-kits, among others.

Every Season Mod

“Fallout 4” players can now explore the wastelands all year round. And by that, it means that they can experience all of the seasons within the world. Spotted by RockPaperShotgun, the “Fallout 4” Season Project mod shows off the four seasons in the game.

The mod is better seen in the video below. All the four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter are included in the mod, with the last season bringing an even more apocalyptic. Mod creator GameDuchess has compiled the seasons from other mods. In the meantime, the creator is working on a Creator Kit to allow the seasons to change automatically, because for now, players will need to set exactly what season they want to play in.

Water Towers

Nexus mod creator KnarD has made a mod that will allow players to craft two water towers, a generic and concord version, in the settlements. The good thing about these water towers is that they do not require power but can still produce 160 water. Additionally, the water towers can be placed on the dirt or the water, and costs like four water purifiers.

This is a great mod for those who want to get more water without having to use a lot of resources. It also only requires science4 to craft.

"Fallout 4" Every Season mod (Credit: YouTube/hodilton)