Humble Bundle
The Humble Store Winter Sale has started. Humble Store

The Humble Bundle Winter’ Sale has already kicked off, offering games with decent and awesome discounts. Running until Jan. 28, the Humble Store Winter Sale offers both daily deals and discount highlights, apart from noteworthy titles on sale.

The discounts for games range from 30 percent to a whopping 85 percent. Among the lower discounted prices are “Rocket League” and “Guilty Gear Xrd” at 30 percent. The likes of “Project Cars Digital Edition” and “Cities Skyline” are discounted at 60 percent. “Skyrim: The Legendary Edition,” “Never Alone,” “Surgeon Simulator” and “Dark Souls” are at a 75 percent discount. The Armageddon Bundle, “Wolfenstein: The New Order” and “Canyon Capers” are all at an 85 percent discount.

There are also developer-based sales, such as specific titles from Bandai Namco, Focus, Paradox and Codemasters. There’s also a Build Your Own Bundle where buying three or more titles will render bigger savings, DualShockers reported.

The Humble Bundle Winter Sale will be running for two weeks. Fans who want to take advantage of the daily deals will have to keep checking back every day, as these are locked until the date arrives.

Another Humble Bundle, this time the mobile edition has made a comeback. Android Authority spotted the Humble Mobile Bundle, which features seven games, all from Bandai Namco.

The seven games include “Crash the Castle,” “Flight Control,” “Puzzle Quest 2” and “Ridge Racer Slipstream.” There are also three titles from the Pac-Man franchise, such as “Pac-Man Kart Rally,” “Pac-Man CE DX” and “Pac-Man Championship Edition.”

The Humble Mobile Bundle used to be a biweekly affair that would allow players to decide just how much they want to pay depending on the games that can be included in the bundle. There are also bonus content that can be obtained for those who pay above what the particular bundle is supposed to be worth.

To get all seven games, players need to pay US$5 (approx. AU$7). The lowest price is US$1 (approx. AU$1.5) to get three titles, “Crush the Castle,” “Pac-Man Kart Rally” and “Flight Control.” Whether or not this means that the Humble Mobile Bundle is back remains to be seen. Those who are interested should check out the bundle now over at this link. So far, 6,255 bundles have been sold as of writing.