The Avengers have gone through Hydra, Skrulls and The Kree, but it looks like their next challenge is the most interesting, as the heroes go through college in the brand new “Marvel Avengers Academy” mobile game. The game has players guide these iconic Marvel super heroes through their college years and become the super heroes they were meant to be.

Developed by TinyCo, “Marvel Avengers Academy” will be an interesting mixture of simulation and adventure game genres, according to Pocket Gamer. The game will let players build this super hero school for the future Avengers, along with their training facilities, dorms, laboratories and so on.

Training the Avengers will let the player upgrade their abilities, making them stronger for combat. In terms of combat, players will be able to let their chosen Avenger go out of the school and face off against other super villains, while also participating in new storylines.

It can’t all be super heroics however, as players also have to manage the social lives of these heroes. Players will be able to go on dates with their Avenger and have rivalries with other villainous cliques to complete the college experience.

What makes all of this more interesting is that there will be an intriguing mystery, according to Newsarama. These are apparently the heroes and villains’ fans know and love. Something has turned them into college students for unknown reasons and it’s up to players to find out what it is.

There is an “Avengers Academy” comic that has been written by Christos Gage, which lasted for 39 issues. The comic series featured young super heroes who were experimented on by Norman Osborn and were later trained by a group of Avengers, including Hank Pym, Quicksilver, Tigra and a number of guest teachers.

“Marvel Avengers Academy” will be coming out on iOS and Android sometime in 2016, though no definitive release date has been given. It’s also not known if the game will be a paid app or a free-to-play title that will incorporate in-app purchases and microtransactions. Given the track record Marvel has with mobile games, there’s a good chance it will be free.

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Marvel Avengers Academy: Teaser Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Marvel Entertainment)