Australian Cardiologist And Presidential Hopeful In Uganda Accused Of Funding Terror

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IN PHOTO: A supporter of the anti-gay law participates in a procession backing the signing of the anti-gay bill into law, in Uganda's capital Kampala March 31, 2014. Organizers of the procession held an inter-religious prayer to thank President Yoweri Museveni for signing the anti-gay bill into law, as the country faces pressure from donor countries that have either withheld, reduced or completely cut aid to the East African country. REUTERS/Edward Echwalu

A Sydney based cardiologist, Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi is accused of sponsoring murder related activities and terrorism in Uganda. The Ugandan authority charged the cardiologist of killing at least seven people in the past six months.

The police in Uganda reportedly revealed that the cardiologist has been providing financial assistance to a rebel outfit, Allied Democratic Forces from Australia. Dr. Kiyingi is suspected of orchestrating killings of Muslim clerics and police officers. Dr. Kiyingi is a potential candidate for Uganda’s next presidential elections.

However, Dr. Kiyingi has vehemently denied all allegations against him during an exclusive TV interview aired on Monday night, he also mentioned that the court hasn’t sent him any summons yet. Meanwhile, Dr. Kiyingi has linked the deaths to the Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni."We know, and the Ugandans know, that [President Museveni] is responsible for this. He is adept at killings and framing people," Dr Kiyingi said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kiyingi is already suspected of being involved in murdering his first wife, Robinah Kiyingi, which the authorities are trying to reopen now. But a court in Uganda acquitted him in 2006 for reportedly plotting the murder against Ms. Kiyingi, a prominent lawyer. She was allegedly shot dead outside her residence in Uganda. The Ugandan government is not happy with the judgement and told Lateline that it was appealing it.

Needless to say, Dr. Kiyingi has different story to tell, he thinks, such allegations against him are framed to eliminate his candidature from the political scenario. According to him, the current President of Uganda is aware of the fact that if free and fair election is allowed, Dr. Kiyingi would defeat him with an ease.

Importantly, the extradition arrangements between Commonwealth countries permit Australia to consider Uganda’s request to send any individual to appear in Ugandan court. However, it is not clear whether the Attorney-General's Department had already received a request of that manner.

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