When the Australia vs Palestine FIFA qualifying football match kicks off Tuesday night in Perth, Palestinian Football Association President Jibril Rajoub will be absent from the venue as he was denied a visa.

Rajoub, who was also a politician, described Australia's decision to deny him visa as politically motivated. He added that Israel might be involved in the decision, as he had challenged the country's participation in the football world cup.

"I think this is a political decision, this is a shame for those who took such a decision ... I should attend the game, I should be with our team," Rajoub said.

His visa was probably rejected based on an omission in his application, ABC News reported.

The Department of Home Affairs stated: "The Department does not comment on individual cases. All non-citizens applying for visas to enter Australia are considered on an individual basis against legal requirements."

Distancing himself from the issue, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said it was decided by the Immigration Department.

After Rajoub questioned Israel's participation in the competition last month, pointing to violation of FIFA objectives, the football governing body had postponed a vote on a motion to temporarily suspend the country following its attack on Palestine.

Calling Australia's decision "stupid and silly," Rajoub said, "There's someone, somewhere in the government of Australia who are behaving under the pressure or influence of the Israeli stupid and crazy government," he said. "It's not fair to deny me the right to be with our national team."

He had visited Australia in 2008 and 2015.

Speaking on the controversy, national governing body Football Australia stated the government needed to address the issue, adding that it provided visa support to all visiting delegations, SBS News reported.

Rajoub said the Palestinian players were disheartened that he could not accompany them to Australia. He added that all sports facilities in Gaza have been destroyed in the Israeli attack.

"Our sports facilities in Gaza all were destroyed, hundreds were killed, hundreds were arrested or injured or still missing. The restrictions forced us to suspend all sports activities including the national league," he said.