Let's be honest, the Australian team has the deck stacked against them - facing a possible loss that will go down in history as the worst losing streak since 1887/88 , the departure of the coach Mickey Arthur, the calf injury of star player Kevin Pietersen and most importantly the friction between Michael Clarke and Shane Watson.

Clarke in a recent interview mentioned that he was part of a team where wining had become a habit and if we check the record books we see that Australia dominated the Ashes series for over a decade at the start of the 21st century. So what happened?

How did the team go from being the favorites to win in any format of the game (to the point where it was almost obvious who would win) to the current state of affairs.

The problem perhaps is in the leadership! Although the fans are not privy to the exact reason for the friction between Clarke and Watson it is plain enough to see that the solution is strong leadership.

Hang on! It's not that this writers wishes to heap the entire responsibility on Clarke's shoulder obviously the team is accountable as a whole and individual players have to put aside their differences and ego to support their team and captain.

Nonetheless, it is the captains responsibility to get everyone on the same page by giving them individual responsibilities and a common goal.

Sun tzu the famous master of war strategies said: "You will not succeed unless your men have tenacity and unity of purpose and, above all, a spirit of sympathetic cooperation." The Australian team and its captain will do well to learn from this quote.

So, with this hard task at hand what are the chances of the Australian team wining? Michael Clark believes that Australia can win the series, many laugh at the idea at this point of time but they may be in for a surprise because there is someone trying to spin things around for the Australian team.

Shane Warne so far has done all the right things, he has down played the differences between Watson and Clarke, he is working with the team and motivating them. All this hard work has to pay off now.

Why now? Well that's because the Australians have their backs against the wall and are desperate and hungry for a win. Technique and talent can only take you so far but to win the most important thing is the drive, the Australian team should be driven by the fear of a loss and hunger for a win.

Sun Tzu reminds: "Confront them with annihilation, and they will survive; plunge them into a deadly situation, and they will live. When people fall into danger, they are able to strive for victory."