The first recovered Atari cartridge and packaging recovered from the old Alamogordo landfill are shown in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Reuters/ Mark Wilson

Atari is making headlines once more, and reports have it that there is something brewing from the iconic company. The "Atari Box" is reportedly being teased, though it remains unclear for now whether it is a gaming console or a specific hardware.

From the name alone, it seems to hint at something similar to the Xbox, but releasing a console could be risky at this point. Sony and Microsoft continue to dominate the market, backed with marquee games. Nintendo is not far behind, too.

Speaking of Nintendo, most have probably caught up with retro game console releases such as the NES Classic. Despite limitations, there were plenty of customers who bought one for collection or play. Could the Atari Box be a reprisal of sorts as well?

That could be a plausible scenario, assuming the Atari Box is indeed meant to ramp up nostalgia. The brand new Atari product was presented in a video, showing off parts of the device, mostly rekindling the old Atari Video Computer System sold from 1980 to 82.

The video shows the familiar wooden-like surface and the iconic Atari logo in the end. Other than that, nothing much has been divulged. Even a visit to the official site shows nothing more than the video, links to jobs and a subscription for those who want to keep track.

Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see what the Atari Box will bring. Assuming it is indeed a gaming console, it may have its work cut out for it. During its era, not many were blessed with the system; it was limited to people who were well off.

Atari back then had a simple varnished console with plugged-in joysticks. Among the famous games of that time included "Asteroids," "Missile Command," "Pac-Man" and "Breakout." If these were to come out now, some gamers may take up Atari on the offer, and the numbers may vary.

If the Atari Box is to somehow invade the scene, there are improvements to be made. Main priority is the graphics and, of course, the titles it would be offering. The company has had a rocky road so far, with no clear path on which direction it is headed.

In 2014, Atari did announce a new corporate strategy focusing on new audiences like the ones who are into social casinos and real-money gambling. It is unlikely that the Atari Box would channel such, though it still needs to be introduced officially (either as a game console or something else).

Ataribox / YouTube