Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez (L) and Laurent Koscielny attend a training session ahead of their Champions League soccer match against Borussia Dortmund, at their training facility in London Colney, north of London, November 25, 2014.
Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez (L) and Laurent Koscielny REUTERS/Eddie Keogh

Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny believes that teammate Laurent Koscielny is the best centre-back in the Premier League.

The Gunners have lost only a single game in the top-tier with the French international at the back, and with him having apparently recovered from injuries, Szczesny is expecting his side to be racking up points.

"He [Koscielny] is as good as you are going to get in England," Szczesny told

"I think, when he is fit and plays with Per, they make a great couple of centre backs, so having them together is great for us."

"Hopefully he can continue to play and be clear of injury."

Szczesny felt the Koscielny's immediate impact in his return game against West Ham United, wherein they won 2-1.

"You don't really mind how you win games, it is all about the three points," he added.

"We had to dig very deep against by far the strongest West Ham side I have ever played against."

"It was quite ugly at the end, but we got through. You have to [win ugly sometimes], especially when you come to places like West Ham."

"When it was 2-1 they put a lots of balls into the box, so it has to be ugly. We could have made it easier for ourselves and scored one of the counter-attacks, but it did not happen for us so we just had to defend and put bodies on the line. Thankfully we did that."

"Obviously it is much easier when you have got all of the players back, because we understand each other. Although they put us under a lots of pressure, the centre backs headed so many balls and made so many blocks.

"I am very happy for them because they do get some criticism sometimes."

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