Apple iPad Mini 5 release date, rumours & specs; Device may be renamed iPad Pro Mini

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Apple iPad Mini
A member of the media holds the new iPad mini with Retnia display during an Apple event in San Francisco, California October 22, 2013. Reuters/Robert Galbraith

While everybody is hugely anticipating the iPhone 7 release, rumours about Apple’s iPad Mini 5 release are abundant too. Although there has been no official announcement from the tech giant on the iPad front, tech enthusiasts are filling the Internet with some interesting updates that may or may not be true.

One of the topmost rumours doing rounds is that Apple iPad Mini 5 will be released alongside iPhone 7 and the company may be overhauling the specifications and design of both iPad Air 3 and iPad Mini 5. Other rumours suggest that the iPad Mini 5 will be renamed iPad Pro Mini.

At this point it is really hard to say if these rumours have element of truth but tech experts, going by Apple’s previous releases, believe that the iPad Mini 5 won’t have much changes to boast of and may also be smaller in size.

The Tim Cook-led tech behemoth is currently focusing all its efforts on the iPhone 7 smartphone. Moreover, reports suggest that Apple will also be launching its Macbook Pro 2016 in October.

However, there is still time for Apple developers to include the rapid-fast A9 processor in iPad Mini 5 and in that case the smart device would be incredible fast, way faster than the iPad Mini 4 which runs on an A8 processor.

Other rumours say that the Apple iPad Mini 5 will have an 8MP front camera and a 1.2MP selfie camera, like that in iPad Mini 4. According to The Bitbag, iPhone 6s’ 3D Touch feature may also be included in the upcoming iPad device. This will allow users to draw gestures on the screen using finger pressure.

iPad Mini 5 release date is still unconfirmed but is expected somewhere later this year, post iPhone 7 release. For now, fans can only wait and watch.

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