Apple iPad Pro can now be used like a laptop with Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case
The new iPad Pro is seen on display during an event at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California, March 21, 2016. Reuters/Stephen Lam

Apple iPad Pro users who wish their tablet can function as a laptop can now jump for joy as they now have a way to do it with Razer’s new Mechanical Keyboard Case for the 12.9-inch tablet. The new mechanical keyboard for the iPad was designed to bring the springy click of a full-size desktop mechanical keyboard, according to Razer's website. Some have even reported that the mechanical keyboard has provided increased speed and accuracy.

It incorporates Razer’s “Ultra Low-Profile Switch” that provides tactile feedback while still saving space. The switches are also silent, removing the loud noises that come when the spring reaches the bottom of the keyboard.

Razer’s new Mechanical Keyboard Case has a metal kickstand on the back to help support the iPad’s 1.57-pound weight. The kickstand has a hinge to allow the users to adjust the viewing angle.

The new mechanical keyboard has its own power, which Razer says can last up to 10 hours while the keys are illuminated. The keyboard can last up to 600 hours if the keyboard is not lit.

Geek reports that Razor claims the battery can last for 80 million keystrokes with the actuation force at 70 grams, which is in par towards the high end for a mechanical keyboard. The actuation force of a standard blue switch keyboard is about 55-60 grams.

The keyboard can also be connected via Bluetooth as Razer didn’t use Apple’s new Smart Connector to join the keyboard with the tablet. The good news is it allows users to pair Razer’s Mechanical Keyboard Case with other devices as well.

Razer’s new keyboard is available for purchase at US$169.99 ($259.95), the same price as Apple’s own Smart Keyboard. The Mechanical Keyboard Case is available for purchase at the company’s website and at select retails stores.