An Apple logo hangs above the entrance to the Apple store on 5th Avenue in the Manhattan borough of New York City, U.S., December 5, 2016. Reuters/Brendan McDermid

Apple is nearly ready with its iOS 10.2 update and will release it soon. No iOS 10 jailbreak tool has been made public yet. Apple has already released the fifth developer version of the iOS 10.2 beta and those who participated in the beta test program, will be able to download the latest firmware update. Once Apple is happy with the results, it will make the firmware available to all.

However, popular jailbreaker Luca Todesco has warned other jailbreakers to stay away from Apple’s latest update. Updating to the newest firmware may seem lucrative to many as they believe updating would make their device safe and secure. Todesco has asked users to stick to iOS 10.1.1 as the latest firmware update will patch a lot of bugs and may make iOS 10 jailbreak impossible.

Updating to the newest version of iOS 10 will plug all the loopholes in the present iteration. Todesco believes that anyone who has jailbroken the current version, must stick to that and not update. But the fact is that there is still no jailbreak too for iOS 10 and that’s why Todesco feels users to stick to the current version as it is still possible to produce an iOS 10 jailbreak tool with it. Updating may ruin everything.

Popular Chinese hacking group Pangu has hinted at an iOS 10 jailbreak tool they will release soon. However, no such tool has made an appearance. Now, with the introduction of iOS 10.2, it is now or never for Pangu as Apple is confident that its iOS 10 operating system is unbreakable. This means with every update, Apple is strengthening its OS.

Apple is immensely strategic and methodical when it comes to dealing with bugs in its OS. It is now offering a fat reward for anyone who can find bugs in its operating system. As per the risk of level of the bug, Apple’s bug bounty program offers up to US$100,000 (AU$134,000) to a bounty hunter who can uncover a bug.

It is advisable for the general user to update to the latest firmware update once released as their beloved mobile device will be protected from security threats. As far as the iOS 10 jailbreak tool is concerned, Pangu may release one during Christmas though nothing has been confirmed by the hacking team.