LG TONE Free Earphones
LG is set to launch new wireless and wearable audio products at CES 2017, including the TONE Infinim, TONE Ultra, TONE Studio and the TONE Free earphones. LG

LG is set to launch a handful of new wireless and wearable audio products at next year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017), the company announced on Wednesday. The new LG audio line-up is headlined by the TONE Studio wearable speakers, which are supposedly capable of providing 3D surround sound, and the TONE Free wireless earphones, which are expected to directly compete against the Apple AirPods. LG says its new wireless earbuds can be charged when docked in the companion neckband.

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According to the South Korean tech giant, the LG TONE Studio has four speakers, with two full range blasters located at the top and another two vibrating on the bottom. The unique setup allows for a more personal surround sound experience when watching movies, playing video games or listening to music. LG says that the sound design was done as a collaborative effort with DTS surround sound experts.

The TONE Studio also boasts of its Hi-Fi digital to analog converter (DAC) which restructures audio input in a precise manner to boost sound quality. The new LG device also has the Dual Play feature which permits two LG TONE Studio systems to connect and simultaneously share sound output from an assortment of media sources including movies and playlists.

The TONE Free wireless earphones can be charged using the bundled neckband, making them practical and portable. Aside from providing extra juice and message notifications, the neckband also serves as a secure storage place for the TONE Free earbuds when they are not in use so users don’t end up losing them. If ever the neckband becomes inconvenient, an optional charging cradle is available to deliver more power when needed. LG’s new wireless earphones also provide users more freedom with hands-free features that allow answering or ignoring of calls with the use of voice commands.

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LG is also set to launch the TONE Infinim and TONE Ultra alongside the TONE Studio and TONE Free earphones at CES 2017 in Las Vegas starting January 5. The TONE Infinim features clean and crisp sounds thanks to the company’s Metal Layer Speaker Technology. The TONE Ultra, meanwhile, was developed together with popular audio provider JBL and equips two MEMS microphones to ensure noteworthy call quality.