Apple has been working with chords for the longest time. Nonetheless, reports of a newly won patent indicates the tech giant is ready to go wireless. From its iMacs to iPhones and MacBooks, it seems Apple will be pushing for wireless charging in the near future.

Apple won a number of patents last December 3 and one of which is about wireless charging. The patent that won with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) refers to a system in which users can power up a range of their devices like mobile handsets and desktops using a wireless charger.

The patent was first reported by Patently Apple. The report showed a diagram revealing a desktop computer, keyboard, mouse and portable music player charging via a "virtual charging area." When translated into Apple products, it seems the diagram is indicating similar gadgets to the iPod and the iMac. There also seems to be Apple's Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard.

The patent indicates that the technology works with a near-field magnetic resonance power supply allowing the charging area to "communicate" with the charging device. This gets rid of the need to use cables or wires.

Wireless charging is not new ground. There are companies that have already introduced wireless charging solutions. Nonetheless, Apple did not seem interest on it over the years. This time, it seems the tech giant had a change of heart. It can also be interesting to see a range of Apple products with wireless charging capabilities. The company has created a strong and wide ecosystem of its products that it should benefit users owning multiple Apple products.

Apple's new patent is a point of interest because the market has been anticipating it for quite some time. It should also bring a new appeal to Apple's products if they can provide wireless charging options. Apple has also won a range of patents including one about the next Mac Pro. The patent features a computer showing a cylindrical design.

Analysts expect Apple to launch a new Mac Pro later this December. People will have to wait for the official announcement on that.