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"Animal Kingdom," which stars Ellen Barkin as Janine "Smurf" Cody, Finn Cole as Joshua "J" Cody, Shawn Hatosy as Andrew "Pope" Cody and Scott Speedman as Barry "Baz" Blackwell, will have an upcoming episode titled "Cry Havoc," which airs on Tuesday, July 11 on TNT. It will feature Javi (guest star Alex Meraz) putting the pressure on Smurf. She'll ask J to help her deal with Javi. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Spoiler alert: This update contains more 'Animal Kingdom' spoilers. Read on only if you want to know more about what happens in 'Cry Havoc.'

According to a press release from TNT, "Animal Kingdom" season 2, episode 6 will show Javi showing up in Smurf's life to pressure her. This leads her to ask for help from her grandson J. As for Baz and Pope, they will clash after the megachurch heist. Meanwhile, Baz will find out a secret that Catherine (Daniella Alonso) has kept from him all this time. Larry Teng directed this episode, which was written by Jonathan Lisco.

A promo video of the episode was posted on tvpromosdb's YouTube channel. It shows several scenes including J and Smurf being followed by someone while they are out driving. "What are we gonna do?" J asks Smurf in the video. Smurf tells him that they must do whatever they have to do. It also shows scenes depicting the aftermath of the boys' megachurch heist.

'Cry Havoc' guest stars

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) lists Brad Ashten (Emilio), Bernardo Badillo (Deek), Morgan Peter Brown (Bob), Jack Conley (Jake), Andy Favreau (Mark Liston), Jacob Figueroa (Roberto), Aamya Deva Keroles |(Lena) and Jennifer Landon (Amy) as guest stars of "Cry Havoc." They will be joined by other "Animal Kingdom" cast members such as Jake Weary (Deran Cody) and Ben Robson (Craig Cody).

'Animal Kingdom' episodes

The episodes before "Cry Havoc" were "Eat What You Kill" (air date: May 30), "Karma" (air date: June 6), "Bleed for It" (air date: June 13) and "Broken Boards" (air date: June 20), The latest episode was titled "Forgive Us Our Trespasses," which aired on June 27. It was directed by Laura Innes and written by Rasheed Newson and TJ Brady. It showed Baz, Pope and the other Cody boys putting their heist of the megachurch in motion. However, Craig told them that he doesn't want to be part of it anymore. Meanwhile, Javi paid Smurf a surprise visit.

"Animal Kingdom" airs in the US on TNT at 9 pm EST every Tuesday. It is based on the Australian film of the same title from David Michôd. The series also airs on Netflix. The next episode after "Cry Havoc" is "Dig," and it airs on July 18. Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers about the Cody family.

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