Essex authorities caught a man for keeping endangered birds in a freezer. Apparently, they found frozen owls inside the household freezer of the arrested man.

Forensic tests have yet to confirm if the birds were really owls and identify their cause of death. Another 25 birds were also taken into custody, reports claimed.

A 49-year-old man was questioned by officers from the National Crime Agency (NCA) after searching his Stanford-le-Hope property in Essex Tuesday.

Ian Truby of the NCA said the agency and the Border Force and National Wildlife Crime Unit identified over 100 endangered birds. The birds were believed to have been illegally sold.

"Unregulated imports or exports of animals can harm the survival of rare species," Truby said. "That is why the law around moving them is so strict," he added.

The suspected man was arrested for an endangered species trafficking case.

3 Birds With Extraordinary Abilities

There are numerous birds that have amazing capabilities, from the 2000 pounds per square inch kicking power of an ostrich to the bullet-like speed of the gannet. Here are some of those birds with extraordinary abilities.

1. The American Harpy Eagle: Crushing Grip

CREDIT: YouTube/Lektem

A harpy eagle can easily crush the skulls of other animals with its talons. Damaging the harpy eagle's natural habitat caused this eagle to vanish from its original home. Its population in Central America has dwindled in the past decade.

2. Owls: Night Vision, Directional Hearing

Owls are known for their large eyes and their capability to see at night even when it is pitch black. With one of their ears placed higher than the other, they can detect which direction a particular sound is coming from.

3. Lyrebird: The Australian Bird Can Mimic Your Voice And Other Sounds

CREDIT: YouTube/BBCWorldwide

"Holy shit," Monte Richard of Cracked wrote in his article referring to the lyrebird's capability to mimic any type of sound. In a documentary by the BBC, the lyrebird can produce the sound of a car alarm. Indigenous to Australia, these birds are described as poor fliers and shy.