Director Angelina Jolie arrives to promote her film "Unbroken" in Berlin
Director Angelina Jolie arrives to promote her film "Unbroken" in Berlin November 27, 2014. Reuters/Hannibal Hanschke

Angelina Jolie recently opened up about her daughter Shiloh's dressing style after the latter appeared in boyish clothes at the "Unbroken" premiere. The actress reportedly beamed when questioned about Shiloh's unique dressing sense and confessed that Shiloh's wore man's shoes, which once belonged to "Unbroken's" central figure, Olympic champion Louis Zamperini.

"She had Louis' shoe on, that he won in 1940," Angelina said in her interview to Today according to Daily Mail. Shiloh has been in the news for her manly fashion choices. During the "Unbroken" premiere the 8-year-old wore a black trousers, white shirt, a black necktie and a black blazer. This reportedly created a stir in media.

Last weekend, model/actress Amber Rose also praised Angelina and her husband Brad Pitt for letting Shiloh dress like a man. She took to Instagram and wrote, "How gorgeous is John Jolie Pitt?! Born into the perfect family for him. #TransKids #LoveurKidsNoMatterWhat #Support," with the photo of Shiloh. However, Amber was criticised for assuming Shiloh's gender's identity and since then her Instagram post has been deleted, according to Eonline. Angelina and Brad have never said anything about Shiloh's gender identity, though they did say in their previous interviews that Shiloh likes being addressed by a boy's name John.

Meanwhile, actress-turned-director is proud that her children represented her at the "Unbroken" premiere, while she was suffering from chicken pox. She said that her kids were really excited to take the stage at the "Unbroken" premiere. Angelina also spoke about being struck down with chicken pox. "It was so absurd. 'During the day before, I was trying to do interviews and I was like, What's happening to me? Strange," she said of her illness.

In other news, Angelina is reportedly not a very good cook. She admits that she can't cook basic spaghetti, according to Mirror. Her 11-year-old son, Pax has great culinary skills and according to the actress Pax cooks better than her. Angelina is a mother to six kids namely, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne. She got married to Brad earlier this year after dating him for almost nine years. The actress met Brad on the sets of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith." Brad was previously married to Jennifer Aniston. He was in wedlock with for five years before calling it quits in 2005.

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