Amy Winehouse Suffered From Regular Hallucinations, Fits, Seizures before Death [PHOTOS]

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Before the singer passed away last week, a close friend says Amy has been experiencing constant seizures, hallucinations, chronic insomnia, and other illnesses even when she was sober.

A close friend of the singer, who was said to work for her music production team, revealed shocking details about Amy's scary battle with mental illness due to years of drug abuse. The friend mentioned how the singer constantly had ghoulish nightmares, and hallucinations of people coming out the mirror. The singer's close friend added that Amy used to tell him about hallucinating white mice creeping up her feet while she's resting. The singer, whose battle with drugs became public a short while after her 2006 album "Back to Black" was released, also suffered from seizures, fits, and chronic insomnia.

"The hallucinations were truly terrifying for Amy. The line between reality and fantasy was increasingly blurred and she found it absolutely intolerable at times. No one can really appreciate how tough it has been for her" says the singer in a report by the Mirror. The friend, who wanted to remain anonymous, added that it was "heartbreaking" to see the singer being "physically wrecked". "Even if she never touched drugs or alcohol again, she knew that her health had been ruined" claims the friend in the same Mirror post. The "Rehab" singer was diagnosed with emphysema in 2008 after the expose of her public battle with crack cocaine, heroin, marijuana and other kinds of drugs. These statements, along with a failed toxicology report, settles that the side effects of massive drug abuse in the past paved a huge way for the singer's untimely death.

Earlier today, the singer's father, Mitch visited Amy's Camden Square home and gave her personal belongings to fans and mourners outside. The giveaways included clothing, trinkets, some accessories, and scarves that belonged to the deceased singer. "these are Amy's T-shirts. This is what she would have wanted - for her fans to have her clothes" said Mitch Winehouse while distributing Amy's things. It has been confirmed that the singer's ashes will be buried next to the resting place of her grandmother Cynthia.



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