After numerous delays, developer Harmonix has announced that “Amplitude” will be coming to the PS4 on Jan. 5 and will be available on the PlayStation Network for US$19.99 (AU$27.31). This has been a long time coming for those who supported the game through Kickstarter, especially since the rhythm game is essentially a month away from release.

The game is a reboot of “Amplitude,” a rhythm title on the PlayStation 2 that didn’t do well in sales but received plenty of good reviews and gained cult status with gamers. The reboot will feature more modern tracks, multiplayer mode, enhanced visuals and online leaderboards for bragging rights, according to the PlayStation Blog.

Upon download, the game will have 30 tracks to play through, some of which come from those who supported the title in Kickstarter. The songs are mostly EDM tracks, with music from the Symbion Project, Insomniac Games and Harmonix.

Speaking of Kickstarter, those who supported the game by paying US$39.99 (AU$54.63) will gain early access to the “Amplitude” reboot, which seems like an early Christmas gift from the developer. Those who supported the game with more than US$39.99 (AU$54.63) will gain access to the game on Dec. 23, two days before the holidays and more than a week before other players can purchase it.

Oddly enough, GameSpot has stated that a release date for the PS3 version hasn’t been announced yet. It looks like last-gen gamers are going to have to wait a bit longer, though at least it hasn’t been cancelled yet.

It should be noted that some developers chose to cancel last-gen versions of certain games so they could focus on the current-gen versions. Titles like “Mortal Kombat X” and “Mad Max” were initially slated for release on last-gen consoles but were eventually cancelled.

That might not be the case for “Amplitude,” since the title has been funded through Kickstarter, and there’s a good chance that some of those supporters still have a PlayStation 3.

“Amplitude” will be available on the PS4 later this month. Those who are going to the PlayStation Experience will be able to try the game there and get a free dynamic theme on their PS4.

Amplitude - Launch Trailer | PS4, PS3 (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)

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