Veering away from the usual boys-this-week, ladies-next-week arrangement during live rounds, Fox is now only a couple of hours away from revealing American Season 11's Top 13.

The Top 10 will be comprised of the five most popular among the girls and boys, respectively. The producers may be thinking they are giving both genders equal chance this way, but they are not really being fair in terms of giving a chance to the contestants' talent and potential. If it were the Top 10 from both genders combined, however, it seemed only two or three girls would make it through to continue their Idol journey.

The boys' night on the first live rounds was far more entertaining than the ladies' night, because theirs was a show of heterogeneous personalities and talents with bluesy rockstar Phil Phillips, scatting drummer Reed Grimm and powerful soul singer Joshua Ledet on stage. Compare that to a night of several mediocre to awful performances of the ladies in a night that would have just dragged on slowly had it not been saved by Jessica Sanchez towards the end.

Although Skylar Laine was the first to remind the audience that they were watching a talent competition, the succeeding performances did not help to keep the energy up throughout the show. But Skylar, that girl really gave a good show! She struggled during Hollywood week after falling ill, when she could only dish out 'okay' performances. The quick break at home must have helped her get back on track and come back with serious intent to be the next American Idol.

It has been five years since a female contestant won the American Idol title; with Jordin Sparks from Season 6, who incidentally holds the record of being the youngest winner at 17 years and 5 months old. (Last season's winner, country singer Scotty McCreery was 17 years and 7 months old when he won.) Ryan Seacrest asked at the beginning of the ladies' live rounds, could we see a female winner again this time? Too soon to tell, especially with the energy, charisma and talent that this season's boys have got going.

While it is too soon for Final 3 forecasts, performances during Hollywood and Vegas rounds, as well as the first American Idol live shows, are enough for a Top 10 selection. Following is a personal forecast based on years of watching the talent competition, which means charm and 'entertainment value' have been factored in. (The list would be slightly different if only the singing talent would be considered.)

Top 5 Among the Girls

1. Jessica Sanchez

2. Elise Testone

3. Jen Hirsh

4. Skylar Laine

5. Shannon Magrane

Judges' Save: Hallie Day, Hollie Cavanagh or Brielle Von Hugel

Top 5 Among the Boys

1. Joshua Ledet

2. Creighton Fraker/Eben Franckewitz

3. Phil Phillips

4. Heejun Han/Colton Dixon

5. Reed Grimm

Judges Save: Aaron Marcellus, Colton Dixon, or Adam Brock

Forecasting who will be the Top 5 and who will the judges save from those who fall among the boys is pretty tricky for four reasons: Heejun Han, Eben Franckewitz, Deandre Brackensick and Jermaine Jones.

Heejun Han is a better 'comic star' than a singer, but this does not mean he does not sing well. But it is his adorably cute candor, as seen by millions - thanks to ample screentime given to him prior to the live rounds - that could get him a significant amount of votes. But would that be enough against the better singers? Do the voters-who-actually-vote like him enough? Ryan Seacrest would probably call him last to reveal his fate.

Eben Franckewitz did an awful job with an Adele song; that is something an Idol contestant should never do. But look at him. The guy is even cuter than the tweens' Bieber demigod. Consider that, and consider the demographics of Idol voters. It is likely for Eben to make it to the boys' Top 5, and that will be gravely unfortunate if a real talent like Creighton Fraker or Colton Dixon would lose a spot.

Apparently, Deandre Brackensick is in the top choices of the judges. Ryan Seacrest put them on the spot and asked them to name their favorite performances. The judges said they liked Deandre Brackensick's falsetto display. Enough said.

Now, Jermaine Jones -- the judges could have picked the more promising pop-inclined David Leathers, Jr. as a wildcard choice for the boys' Top 13, but they chose a deep baritone instead. Having said that, the future for potential, charm and talent is too hazy to predict when it falls from the top 5 among the boys.