American Idol Season 11 semi-finalist New York-based Korean HeeJun Han has gone viral on the Internet for his quirkiness and charming candor. Here are five of his memorable moments on the show prior to voting round, which starts Tuesday night (tonight) in the U.S.

1. HeeJun Han 'Dislikes' Cowboys

Heejun Han has quickly gained popularity for his charming display of authenticity during Hollywood week, when he openly slammed cowboy contestant Richie Law for bossing their group around. He later apologised to the latter's parents - and not to Richie directly - for all the nasty things he said about him on television.

2. Heejun Han 'Likes' Hugs

When the camera comes to him during a celebratory hug with a fellow contestant, Heejun smiles and winks like a player, but he is obviously just being cute. The only times in which he didn't playfully wink when hugging someone was when he's learning that he's just made it through to another round in his 'Idol' journey. He certainly wasn't winking when fellow semi-finalist Phil Phillips gave him a congratulatory hug in a sweet bromance moment after he learned that he made it to the Top 24.

3. Heejun 'Dislikes' 'Too Much Comparison'

Heejun Han's candid comic banters with host Ryan Seacrest started in his Pittsburgh auditions. Heejun made a remark about how Ryan's head looks so small, and when Ryan made a step to his side to compare, Heejun quickly stepped away because "comparison is too much."

4. Heejun 'Likes' Surprises

Heejun came to the judges full of compliments for all the surrealism he perceived around him and started shaking his arms to relax his nerves. One could tell the judges were not expecting much from him. Then in a nice twist, jaws dropped when Heejun sang Michael Bolton's How Am I Supposed to Live Without You. He sang so beautifully, that Steven Tyler had to ask his name again. Heejun got the rockstar judge's respect. Jennifer Lopez loved him. She says he has a beautiful tone, to which Stevie quickly adds, he has "great understanding of where the notes should go."

5. Heejun 'Likes' Snappy Literals

Shortly before learning his fate on the show, Ryan asked Heejun, "What are you sweating?"

His quick reply? "Mostly water."

Unperturbed, Ryan went on to explain what he meant, which Heejun quickly understood. But he was obviously way too tense to worry about not taking Ryan's questions literally. can look away from HeeJun Han. This guy is certainly quirky, but he is way too far from the worst when he starts to sing.