'American Gods'
A poster of Starz TV series "American Gods." American Gods/ Facebook

It has been almost seven months since the finale of the first season of “American Gods,” but the production of next season is yet to begin. In a recent interview, Chief Executive Officer and President of Starz Chris Albrecht admitted that there have been some challenges to filming.

At the TV Critics press tour, Albrecht said that the series is an “incredibly difficult adaptation of a fantastic novel,” Collider reports. He also admitted that they are having “some trouble” getting the production of the next season underway.

One of the challenges involves the exit of showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, who were reportedly concerned about budgetary requirements of the show. Albrecht addressed the issue by pointing out that this is not an inexpensive show, which means there will be financial constraints. However, there’s still hope for the showrunners’ return, as talks are currently underway to keep them engaged.

The other big concern is the reported exits of some of the cast members. Albrecht said there was some confusion that he should clarify. Regarding Gillian Anderson (Media), he said that she seems to be “leaving everything,” adding that they knew beforehand that she may not be returning. For Kristen Chenoweth (Easter), he said that as far as he knows, she’s still “committed” to the series, but her return will depend on her availability.

Albrecht confirmed that they are currently on track to get a season 2 for sure. If they do bring in a new showrunner, Neil Gaiman will be working closely with the new executive producer to help with the plot.

Fuller and Green weren't fired and didn't resign, Albrecht explained. He said that everyone wants to keep the original team intact, making sure it’s a “win-win” for everyone involved in the project.