Microsoft has announced the first 104 Xbox 360 games that will be backwards compatible on the Xbox One. This is an announcement fans have been waiting for since the company announced the backwards compatibility feature for the console back in the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), which took place in Los Angeles.

A number of the games announced are exclusive to the Xbox 360 such as the complete “Gears of War” series, “Perfect Dark Zero,” “Fable II” and “Kameo: Elements of Power.” Other titles also playable on the console are popular third-party games like “Assassin’s Creed II,” “Just Cause 2,” “Fallout 3” and “Mirror’s Edge,” among others.

There are also a number of indie games that could be purchased on Xbox Live like “Castle Crashers,” “Alien Hominid HD” and more. The full list of games can be seen on the official Xbox website.

It’s worth noting that the only “Halo” game announced so far for backwards compatibility is “Halo: Spartan Assault.” It’s an interesting choice, to say the least, since it’s a spinoff title and a twin-stick shooter.

Considering that “Halo 5: Guardians” was recently released, some fans may find it odd that the older “Halo” games weren’t immediately made backwards-compatible. More titles are on the way, however, and GameSpot has confirmed that “Halo: Reach” will be one of the backwards-compatible games for December.

Other titles that will be announced in December include “Bioshock Infinite,” “Skate 3” and the first “Call of Duty: Black Ops” game. With “Black Ops III” now available for purchase, playing the first game in December should provide some nostalgic fun for fans of the series.

However, some fans might be disappointed that “Red Dead Redemption” hasn’t been confirmed for backwards compatibility, but that could easily change, considering the title's numerous fans. Since backwards-compatible games are now part of the company’s plans for the near future, any Xbox 360 title could be playable on the current-gen console by next year.

The 104 games will be playable by the end of the week, on Nov. 12. More backwards-compatible games will be announced for December, so fans who still have Xbox 360 titles have something to look forward to.

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Xbox One Backward Compatibility (Credit: YouTube/Xbox)