Hainer, CEO of Adidas attends company annual general meeting in Fuerth
Hainer, CEO of Adidas attends company annual general meeting in Fuerth - Reuters/Michaela Rehle

Although Manchester United came back to winning ways against Swansea last Saturday, it seems the performance of the team is not good enough for Herbert Hainer, chief executive of the German sports manufacturing giant Adidas.

Adidas signed a record £750 million (AUS $1.5 billion) deal last summer and is already reaping rewards of the 10-year contract with United. But, the sales are not good enough to satisfy Hainer who has stated United’s performance “is not exactly what we want to see."

“Business with Man United is going very well; we sell more shirts than expected. We are satisfied … even if the current playing style of Man United is not exactly what we want to see.” Hainer said to the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung.

United coach Louis Van Gaal eased some pressure off his back after a victory over Swansea at the weekend; however the supporters still crave the beautiful attacking football the club played under their legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

The Red Devils have scored just 12 goals at Old Trafford this season including six goalless draws, which is the lowest of all the 92 football league stadiums.

Manchester United legends Paul Scholes and Rio Ferdinand have also joined the bandwagon and have stated that United are now boring to watch.

Van Gaal has constantly stressed on the word “philosophy” during his time as the Old Trafford boss, but it has acted against the tradition everyone is used to see United in.

During many matches, chants of “attack, attack, attack” are heard from the stands of Old Trafford. Recently, United have shown positive attitude in their performances against Chelsea and Swansea City.

'I feel that we have started 2016 with energy and that our negative streak has been left behind. In our last game of 2015, against Chelsea, I think everybody saw what I'm talking about. There was dynamism, courage and energy, although we couldn't win. Finally, we did it on Saturday against Swansea.' United midfielder Juan Mata said, as reported by dailymail.com.

United currently lie 5th in the Premier League table and hosts Sheffield United at home for the upcoming FA Cup tie on Jan. 9, 2016.