9-year-old Dalton Dingus Who Received More Than 700,000 Christmas Cards Died of Cystic Fibrosis

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Thousands of people around the world are now mourning with the news of 9-year-old Dalton Dingus' death on Saturday night circulating on the internet. The young boy from Kentucky, who has been battling with stage four cystic fibrosis disease, not only received international attention but more than 700,000 Christmas cards from well wishers as a campaign to set a Guinness World Record.

ABC News reported Dalton Dingus' daily medication schedule. "Dalton takes 18 different medicines every day, 'lots of pills and antibiotics.' He goes through 12 liters of oxygen a day and wears a face mask to help him breathe, making him look like a miniature fighter pilot with an interest in coloring and playing with Lego blocks," ABC News stated.

Local news station WSAZ reports that Dalton Dingus' mother, Jessica, was totally overwhelmed with the international response and support that her son received. "He's excited every morning when he gets up to see how much he's got, to see the presents he's got or how many cards he's got," Jessica Dingus shared.

The initial goal of Dalton's family is to receive only 10,000 cards but it grew to over 20,000 cards per day. "He received cards from South Africa, Guatemala, Germany, Europe, everywhere. He's got one from almost every continent," Jessica Dingus revealed to WSAZ.

There are some people who managed to personally visit the young sick boy at the hospital like Santa Claus from North Pole complete with gifts and cards. ABC News further reported that Dalton Dingus was visited too at his home in Salyersville. Miss Kentucky personally delivered the cards together with a unit of Kentucky State Troopers and the star of Animal Planet's "Call of the Wildman."

"Every once in a while we need to remember that we are kind, we are the human race, we are loving and we provide the miracle we are the miracle and Dalton's going to live forever through us," Mark Wright of the Mt. Sterling Post Office stated.

Meanwhile, Dalton's funeral is currently being held at the Magoffin County Funeral Home. Jessica Dingus stated the family will allow visitors on Monday and Tuesday. Dalton's memorial service will be on Wednesday.

As Dalton Dingus' family reported his death on the social networking site Facebook, new messages and cards of worldwide sympathy are once again flowing for the 9-year-old boy.

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