Pens and notebooks in Google's colors are prepared for the media before the unveiling of Google's new Canadian engineering headquarters in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario January 14, 2016. Reuters/Peter Power

People in the working group spend a big chunk of their time in offices. Working in small cubicles, cluttered corners or crunched tables is a little depressing. Here are six best companies to work for in Australia that offer coolest office spaces to enhance their employees’ creativity.

1. Canva

If you are looking for best technology companies to work for in Australia, definitely keep Canva on your list. The graphic design company, based in Surry Hills of Sydney, has been labeled as coolest tech company for two consecutive years by Job Advisor. With facilities such as free gym, in-house gym, office bar, yoga memberships, overseas trips and flexible working hours, Canva ensures that their employees stay happy and motivated and hence, give better productivity, says CEO Melanie Perkins. Canva is “home away from home” for its employees.

2. Google

Google is popular around the world for its swanky office spaces. Google’s office at Sydney is no different. It is jam-packed with nature, hammocks and also has a fully-stocked free kitchen, making it one of the coolest companies to work for in Australia.

3. 3 Degrees Consulting

Open plan office spaces are not only attractive but are also good in terms of productivity for some organizations. 3 Degrees Consulting in Melbourne has literally brought outside in. Walls of the office have been replaced with vertical gardens. 3 Degrees Consulting offers an inspirational and creative zone to its employees and hence, it is one of the best companies to work for in Australia.

4. Splend

Splend, the vehicle supplier company for drivers who want to work for ride-sharing companies such as Uber, is characterised by its most popular "work hard, play hard" culture. There are table tennis tables, ping pong tables and friendly kitchens in all offices. Splend makes sure that their employees are satisfied with the work environment on professional as well as personal levels.

5. WorldFirst

Foreign currency transfer firm WorldFirst is one of the best finance companies to work for in Australia. Because of its “fun, diverse and dynamic work environment,” the company has been labelled as the coolest finance company in the country. WorldFirst pays special attention to ensure personal growth and satisfaction of their employees, and commits to only hire those who fit in the culture of the organisation.

6. Think Education

Think Education has redecorated its office space in Sydney to look like a New York loft. Think Education’s open office layout has fancy meeting rooms equipped with neon lights. The interiors of the campus include a variety of learning spaces as well as shared services hubs for student support and exhibition purposes. The campus also comprises of open spaces and combined cafe-library that gives it a distinctive industrial edge. The company says that it wants people to work in an environment that reflects the real world. Hence, Think Education is one of the best companies to work for in Australia.