Yasmina Rossi
59-year-old French model Yasmina Rossi is a grandmother of two. Wikipedia

At 59, it is not surprising that Yasmina Rossi has salt-and-pepper hair. But that’s not all she has.

She also has a whistlebait figure that she displays prominently as a fashion model donning teeny-weeny two-piece bikinis. Yasmina just singularly removed the glass ceiling for models above 50 by showing that her 5’ 8” height, dark amber eyes and long silver hair are assets that would give today's models, some young enough to be her grandchildren, a run for their money.

Although born in France in 1955, she was raised in Corsica – a Mediterranean island – and as part of her work as runway and print model, has traveled and lived in Paris, South Africa and Malibu, reports Nextshark. But her big break came when she was 45, when she relocated to New York City and modeled for major designers such as Yves Saint Laurent and Eileen Fisher.

But achieving that enviable physique was not just a product of good genes. The French model, who has two grandkids, told Sunday Times that she scrubs her skin once a week with olive oil and sugar. Her main diet is having avocado daily and mostly eating organic meat and fish.

To keep fit, she hikes, jogs, windsurfs and practices yoga, although Rossi stresses it is also important not to over exert while exercising.

However, it is not all youthful genes as Rossi, at 12, started to grow grey hair which became salt-and-pepper when she hit 20. “I never colored it, because I knew it was my best asset,” shares Yasmina. She even refused and let go of a big modeling job when she said no to colouring her hair for a global cosmetic campaign. To care for her unique hair, Rossi places rapeseed oil on her crowning glory, according to Bored Panda.

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