You may not be aware that it is possible for you to lose weight mentally. A few mental exercises will help condition your body and actually aid in burning calories. Here are some tried and proven ways on how to lose weight through your mind.

1. You are not as hungry as you think

You usually tend to overeat because you believe that you are missing out on healthy nutrients and feeling very hungry. Train your mind to be patient especially during meal times. Drink a glass of water first and chew your food properly before swallowing. It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to process that your are already full, so take your time when dining so you do not consume extra calories.

2. What does not go to waste, goes to your waist

You usually eat more than what is necessary because you do not want to waste food. First of all, only purchase healthy food from the grocery to avoid temptation and fatty products. Fitness Magazine recommends that you make it a habit to leave some food portions on your plate. This helps you avoid the habit of eating everything in sight.

3. Have patience

Losing weight does not happen in a few days. WebMD recommends that you stay patient and tell yourself that you will eventually reach your health and fitness goals as long as you stay consistent. Observe slight changes each week and continue adding new fitness goals to lose weight mentally.

Cynthia Sass, a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, said, "Losers want immediate results. Even though it took them years to gain weight, once they decide to lose weight, they have no patience with the recommended 1-2 pounds per week."

4. There are other alternatives

You might simply be too lazy to look for healthier and fat-free alternatives to the food you are eating. Train your brain to read the nutrition labels of products before purchasing to check the calorie and fat content to lose weight mentally.

5. De-stress

Studies showed how stress can hinder the production of hormones and neurotransmitters responsible for weight loss. Stay stress-free by indulging in activities that keep you mentally and physically fit such as doing yoga, deep breathing exercises and visualisation techniques.

These simple techniques will help you lose weight mentally and keep you fit and healthy for the long term.

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