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Master Chief walks in the rubble of a human city in the latest "Halo 5: Guardians" teaser trailer. Microsoft/Xbox

“Halo” series developer 343 Industries recently revealed that it will delay the release of the Forge editing tool for “Halo 5: Guardians.” It did not state why the release of the much-awaited feature will be pushed back a couple of months, but it said that Forge's final version will be worth the wait.

343 Industries stated that it has made a massive overhaul to the Forge editing tool. Aside from graphical improvements, 343 Industries also added more tools to the feature for a more in-depth editing experience.

Josh Holmes from 343 Industries posted on Halo Waypoint blog that community feedback has greatly affected the development of the new Forge design. The developer recently invited well-known Forge users to try out the new feature to determine the areas that need improvement.

"Throughout their visit, the cartographers provided feedback and feature requests that were then turned around in nightly updates from the Forge team," Holmes revealed via the official Halo blog.

Forge design lead Tom French said that they had to remove some unnecessary restrictions to the game to provide more room for creativity for players. He noted that the tool's revised control scheme, contextual control helper and a free camera are the reasons why the new Forge will be a hit among “Halo” fans.

The new Forge will feature more than 1,600 items for stage editing. Previous Forge versions only had a couple of hundred items. Eurogamer reports that the new items include FX emitters, invisible blockers and a large whale toy.

“Halo 5: Guardians” launches on Oct. 27 for the Xbox One. The Forge editing tool's specific launch date has not been revealed yet, but 343 Industries did hint that it will be released sometime in December.

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