Roman Reigns WWE 2K16
Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring in "WWE 2K16". Facebook/WWE 2K

Now that the roster reveal of “WWE 2K16” is over and done with, 2K Games is now showcasing the much-improved My Career mode with a brand new video. The mode still focuses on a superstar created by the player, but will last much longer than it did in last year’s game, as players will try to get into the WWE Hall of Fame.

While “WWE 2K15” did allow fans to play hero or villain, the choices to be either were incredibly limiting. Hardcore Gamer states that player choice is now a huge part of My Career mode, letting the player created superstar form tag teams with others, stay in NXT and answer questions from WWE reporter Renee Young.

According to the video below, players can choose to be aggressive and respectful during the interviews with Young, with each answer having an impact on the created superstar’s career. Everyone in the roster will be watching, so players might form new rivalries or gain new allies depending on their answers.

Players can also interfere in other wrestler’s matches and choose to either aid or attack one of the two wrestlers in the ring. Even the style of interference can be chosen, as players can run through the ramp or go over the barricade. Whatever the choice, the player will cost one of the wrestlers a match and form a rivalry with them.

The Authority will also play a big role in the game, reports Tech Times. Sometime after “graduating” from NXT, Triple H will offer the player to join The Authority. Choosing whether the superstar declines or accepts will determine who the created character’s allies and enemies are, which makes the game more enjoyable than last year’s version.

It’s clear that the developers have listened to the complaints of last year’s My Career mode and have improved upon it immensely. Add the game’s roster of over 120 wrestlers and it looks like wrestling fans are about to get a great video game.

“WWE 2K16” is solicited for an Oct. 27 release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Like last year, My Career will only be available for current-gen consoles, so those with a PS3 and Xbox 360 are out of luck. They will have access to Showcase mode however.

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WWE 2K16 MyCareer Trailer (Credit: YouTube/WWE 2K)