WWE 2K16 special edition
The "WWE 2K16" special edition from EB Games https://ebgames.com.au/

The upcoming “WWE 2K16” is gearing up to be a title with the largest roster till date. After all weekly roster reveal, the total comes to a whopping 123 characters; excluded from the count are the possible post-launch DLC wrestlers. However, despite the massive roster, 2K Sports announced that the game will not see four prominent wrestlers.

2K Sports released the final launch roster just recently. Along with the reveal, it announced that the roster will not include WWE Divas Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Bayley. 2K said that they tried to include the divas but they did not state a concrete reason as to why they are excluded. They later confirmed that the four divas will not come as DLC later on. “WWE 2K16” will ship with a total of 13 divas.

Fans are still dumbfounded as to why the four are excluded from the game especially when they are prominent wrestlers in WWE. Bayley is the current NXT Women’s Championship holder. Charlotte on the other hand just recently had a chance at the WWE Divas Championship belt. Along with Becky Lynch, Charlotte is currently in an alliance with Paige. Their alliance is currently in a feud with the alliance of Sasha Banks, Tamina Snuka and Noami Knight.

Story-wise, the four are integral wrestlers in WWE’s current storyline. It’s still a mystery how the four’s exclusion from the game will affect the game itself. Polygon reports that the exclusion of the divas is because of the licensing issues with the wrestlers. Last year, “WWE 2K15” was delayed for three weeks because of licensing issues with CM Punk, who retired before the game was released.

“WWE 2K16” launches on Oct. 27 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The roster comes to a total of 123 for now, but fans can expect more wrestlers to come post-launch.

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