Gamers play the "StarCraft II" developed by video game producer Blizzard Entertainment during the Gamescom 2015 fair in Cologne, Germany August 5, 2015. Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach

Christmas is this Sunday, but there is still time to grab some last minute gifts. Below is a list of the perfect holiday gifts for gamers, which anyone would be grateful to receive, but also will not cost an arm and a leg to give nor will be too difficult to find.

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An incredibly thoughtful gift to give a gamer this year are neoprene cable sleeves. With several machines working to provide the best gaming experience, setups tend to get a little messy. The cable sleeves will provide a chance to clean up the mess, as well as an easier way to work around the different cables. There are several types and brands available on Amazon that cost under AU$20.

Another easy yet thoughtful holiday gift to give gamers are Funko POP Figurines. There are several franchises covered by the brand, and it should not be difficult to find an appropriate one. What will make the holiday gift extra special is that the figure can be from the receiver's favourite game. The price of the item will depend on its edition, but POP Figurines generally sell for AU$20 - AU$25.

Another easy purchase would be to buy a gift card. All current generation consoles have their online stores, which are browsed and visited by gamers on a daily basis. By purchasing credits -- such as a Cash Card from the PlayStation Store -- it is certain that the gamer will get their hands on something they want. As an added bonus, the price can be dictated by however much one is willing or able to buy.

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One of the more general gift ideas this year, however, is the NES Classic Edition, which retails for about US$60 (AU$80). The item has been incredibly hard to purchase these last few weeks as Nintendo has been releasing the units in such small quantities. But if obtained, it will make a great holiday gift for any gamer.