2014 Asian Games Results Tainted By Rampant Cheating Allegations Hurled Against Hosts South Korea [VIDEOS]

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India's bronze medallist Laishram Sarita Devi reacts
India's bronze medallist Laishram Sarita Devi reacts during the medal ceremony for the women's light (57-60kg) boxing competition at the Seonhak Gymnasium during the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon October 1, 2014. Devi broke down in tears during the ceremony and refused to wear the medal she was presented with in protest against what her camp called "biased" judging. Reuters

The 2014 Asian Games ends Oct. 4, Saturday in Incheon, South Korea and it appears to close on a low as rampant cheating allegations have been levied against hosts. Fans of different athletes and teams from other Asian nations are up in arms online and elsewhere for questionable and controversial results in the quadrennial event with most outcomes favouring South Korea.

The most blatant alleged cheating happened in the sport of boxing involving women fighters from India (Sarita Devi) and South Korea (Park Jina).

The South Korean won the semifinal match in the lightweight division despite the Indian boxer dominating the fight. Devi made his stand during the medal awarding ceremony refusing to receive the bronze medal and even giving it to the Korean.

Watch video of Devi’s refusal of bronze and the controversial fight below:


"It was a protest for all the sportsmen and women of the world against injustice in sport. There should be fair play in sport,” the Indian boxer Devi said to the press about her actions at the podium.

Aside from the India vs. South Korea controversy, other countries like Mongolia, Philippines, Thailand and a few other countries felt slighted by the results in some other matches although there were no formal protests filed.

There’s also the soccer game between South Korea and Thailand which many felt featured a lot of one-sided officiating including below:

(YouTube/AllaboutZHULIAN Chanel)

Plus there's also the Iran vs. South Korea wrestling match where many observers felt injustice has been done as well:

(YouTube/Saeed Ahmadi)

In other alleged cheating news, China’s badminton coach, Li Yongbo also accused the hosts of manipulating the air conditioning during the men’s team final of the event and that it affected the results of the match.

"We did not lose because of technique or tactics, but due to some man-made reasons. The South Koreans deliberately controlled the wind blow in the stadium and took advantage of it," Li said to Shanghai Daily as per this report.

The Japanese badminton contingent also reported a similar case.

"The wind in this stadium is very strange, always supporting the hosts. Every time we change sides, the wind seems to change sides as well," Japan’s badminton coach Keita Masuda said after Japan lost to the Koreans.

This is not the first time that the Koreans are involved in sports cheating controversies. Co-hosting with Japan for the 2002 FIFA World Cup, South Korea made the semifinals of the 2002 FIFA World Cup but not without debates on how they won against Italy and Spain in earlier rounds.

The 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea will not be remembered for the gold medals won but rather, the rampant alleged cheating or lack of fair play by the hosts, unfortunately.