'The 100'
A poster of "The 100" TV series. The 100/ Facebook

A new trailer for “The 100” season 5 has been released online. The video explores the identity of the heroes, now that they have survived the second nuclear apocalypse and are preparing to face a new enemy.

The black-and-white video (see below) shows the different characters examining who they are. Over the years, each had to play a specific role, as a brother, son, daughter, etc. Their experiences have moulded them into who they are now, but they will once again question their identity when a new group of prisoners land on Earth.

There will be a fight for the only patch of green land. Both Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and the newly arrived prisoners will go to war to make it their home. The extended trailer (see below) shows how Clarke found a piece of paradise, made new friends, built a new home, and kept sending messages to the Ark, in the hopes that someone is listening.

Bellamy (Bob Morley) and the others see the arrival of the prisoners in the new ship, but they will wait and watch before contacting them. Meanwhile, the prisoners will land on Earth and fight Clarke to take over Eden. The people in the Ark can see everything from space, but they seem to be in no position to help, at least in the beginning.

Meanwhile, there are problems in the Bunker. Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) may have saved everyone by combining the various factions into one crew, but their differences will lead to arguments. They may not be ready to take orders from Octavia after all.

“The 100” season 5 may unite everyone like never before, but there will be a lot of action and blood before people learn to get along.

Credit: The CW Television Network