The 100
Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia in the CW Television Network TV series "The 100." The 100/ Facebook

A new behind-the-scenes video of “The 100” season 5 has been released online. Show creator Jason Rothenberg has also released new promo material, including pictures of Bellamy (Bob Marley) and Raven (Lindsey Morgan) and a poster of the TV series.

The CW has released a video of its popular superhero shows like “Arrow” (see below). The video, however, includes some behind-the-scenes footage from the set of “The 100.”

Clarke (Eliza Taylor) can be seen in what appears to be a flashback as the character sports her old hairstyle. The scenes also tease the production sets filled with overgrown vegetation around the walls. The actors can also be seen posing for individual character pictures in full costume. Character posters for next season, along with other promo material, are expected to be released slowly over the coming days.

Rothenberg previously promised to release a ton of promo material, including a new trailer. The producer has made good of that promise and has been releasing new pictures online (see below).

The poster Rothenberg shared is apparently incomplete, the producer said in another tweet. The image appears to focus on Clarke’s new home, which she calls Eden. It also begins the countdown to the premiere.

Rothenberg has also released two stills. Both Bellamy and Raven can be seen using machine guns, suggesting that the show will be just action-packed as before this time around. The producer teased that Bellamy will be “valiant” this year as well.

“The 100” season 5 is scheduled to air on April 24. The title of the first episode has been revealed to be “Eden.” The plot is expected to focus on the threat that Clarke will face from the newly arrived prisoners on earth.

Credit: The CW Television Network/YouTube

Credit: Jason Rothenberg