Newark Trucker Sues Doctor Over 8-Month Erection Caused by Botched Penile Implant (GRAPHIC VIDEOS)

By @vitthernandez on

Many men want to have harder and longer-lasting erections so they can have and enjoy sex more, but a Newark trucker discovered too late that hard ons, especially ones that stay up very long, could be painful.

Because of a botched penile implant procedure, Daniel Metzgar has an erection that lasted for eight months, prompting him to file a malpractice lawsuit against his urologist, Dr. Thomas Desperito and former parents for not reviewing hospital charts. A review would have informed the medical team that Mr Metzgar's penis was swollen after the implant done in December 2009.

It took the doctor two months before he saw Mr Metzgar again after the procedure, causing more complications.

However, the lawyer for Mr Desperito said the hospital charts were made by people not familiar with penile implants and the team was sure that Mr Metzgar's private part was not up after the procedure. Two doctors also saw the trucker after the surgery, and he was also spotted at Mr Desperito's clinic by a physician assistant.

The doctors tried to schedule an exploratory procedure in April, which would have removed the three-piece implant, but the surgery took place in August to remove the implant. By that time, the tubing has punctured Mr Metzgar's scrotum and he had received a replacement from another doctor.

Because of the botched procedure, the scrotum of the 44-year-old driver swelled to the size of a volleyball that his 18-year-old stepson, Alexander King, was so embarrassed by Mr Metzgar's medical condition.

He also could not dance or attend social gatherings because his hard on was obvious and his erection created the awkward situation of poking his dance partner.

The man said he sought an implant to reignite the love between him and his wife Donna. To hide the bulge on his crotch, Mr Metzgar wore long baggy sweatpants and covered it further with a long shirt.

Despite the second penile implant, the scar tissue from the first operation caused his penis to be 50 per cent smaller when erect, and he does not experience the same level of orgasm prior to the procedure.