Man with Largest Penis Sings About His Situation; MTV Goes Viral (VIDEO)

By @vitthernandez on

It ain't easy being famous, particularly if your ticket to fame if your large ... private parts. That was what 42-year-old actor Jonah Falcon felt which he expressed in an MTV that has become viral in YouTube.

The video, seen below, has so far almost 400,000 hits.

Many Internet surfers are familiar with his name because Mr Falcon holds the world record for penis size at 9 inches when flaccid and a gargantuan 13.5 inches when erect.

His huge package has gotten him fame as well as headaches such as being mistaken at airports for carrying something underneath his pants that the airport security need to grope his private parts to be convinced there is nothing beyond his huge member.

The MTV, titled It's Too Big, is the result of collaboration between Mr Biggie himself and Adam Barta, a dance club artist/comedian.

It attempts to tell the world that Mr Falcon has other physical gifts, such as a singing voice, aside from his eye-popping male anatomy. He disclosed that he has done stage productions before.

It turned out he know Adam, which explains why it just took the duo 30 to 45 minutes to write the song in Starbucks. "Once we figured out the kind of beat it would have and the hook, the song basically wrote itself," he told The Daily Beast.

Given such a huge package, people are wondering why Mr Falcon didn't opt to become a porn star since he has the hardware (literally) for such a career. Mr Falcon shared that he used to be a show off in his younger days, walking around Chelsea and West Village wearing tight jean shorts which exposed part of his penis through the pant leg.

Now more on the conservative side, he eschews loose boxer shorts which makes it difficult to hide his jumbo package and prefers tight briefs that allows him to place his penis on one side or downward.

He can't place it upward because he runs the risk of his privates peeking through the top of his jeans. People who want to get a better glimpse of his tool can get an idea because he is wearing tight lycra biker short.

However, for people whom he really know and are comfortable with, Mr Falcon will oblige and willing whip it out even in its flaccid state since it is already impressive that way, he said.

For those who are strangers, they would have to wait for a movie or TV show from a major studio which has tapped Mr Falcon to write a script. He assured the curious that the script would have a frontal scene on it.

And just to ensure that people would really be curious of his big secret, this is what he intends to be the teaser for the upcoming movie/show: "When I'm fully, fully hard, I'm longer than my forearm and bigger than my wrist."