Police Arrests Man Caught Jerking for 2 Hours on DC to New York Megabus (VIDEO)

By @vitthernandez on

A male was arrested by authorities last week because of a complaint by fellow Megabus passengers from DC to New York that he was masturbating for two hours during the entire trip.

A Reddit user who was on the same bus recounted the incident which happened on Friday. The poster recalled that the man was watching pornography on his mobile phone and jacking of, stroking his exposed sex organ for 2 hours with no regard for the rest of the passengers.

The poster pointed out that the masturbating passenger didn't look like a scumbag, but appeared to have some issues. Another passenger called authorities who boarded the bus before the approach to Lincoln Tunnel.

When the authorities asked what was happening in the bus, the Reddit user who was seated on the double-decker bus' upper level, recounted the indecent act of the man, who was handcuffed and taken away by authorities.

The Redditor also took video of his arrest and posted it in YouTube.

Huffington Post, which published the incident, also listed several other males caught in similar lewd acts such as:

  • Jared Weston Walter who cut hair of random women on a bus in Portland, Oregon, and then stuck them back on the women's head using sperm.
  • Steven Young who was arrested at a St Patrick's Day parade in Saint Paul, Minnesota, for masturbating in public, although he initially claimed to be just picking a scab.
  • Ex-Santa Fe, New Mexico police sergeant Mike Eiskant who was caught on 10-minute video looking at the picture of a naked woman and moaning, but he initially appears to look like polishing his gun.
  • Former Tennessee town Vice Mayor William Blakely who was accused of jacking off out the car window while driving at 90 mph.
  • Pennsylvania resident Scott Smith who was caught with his penis out while behind a convenience store, but claimed his organ was exposed because his pants shrunk.