Charlie Sheen Helped Co-Star Jon Cryer Hook Up To Prostitutes After His Divorce: Cryer Writes In His New Memoir

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IN PHOTO Actors Jon Cryer (L) and Charlie Sheen accept the award for Favorite TV Comedy for "Two and a Half Men" at the 35th annual People's Choice awards in Los Angeles January 7, 2009. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Charlie Sheen was addicted to reading adult magazines and asked his co-star Jon Cryer to hide them from his ex-wife Denise Richards, when she once paid a surprise visit to the actor on the sets of “Two and a Half Men.” To Cryer's surprise, the magazines were “tamer” than he had expected them to be and just had “some topless” girl shots. The new revelations, along with many other interesting stories, are found in Cryer's upcoming tell-all memoir “So That Happened.”

“So That Happened” is scheduled to be released on April 7 but the excerpts of the memoir are available at The Hollywood Reporter. “I was prepared for the weirdest, but it really was all pretty tame, some of it just topless mags,” said Cryer, referring to the adult magazines that Charlie asked him to hide, according to the excerpts. “Really, if this was the worst I’d have to deal with regarding Charlie’s vices, bring on the bags of porn for me to hide,” he added.

Cryer also reminisced about a time when he went to Las Vegas with Charlie. Given the Casanova reputation of his “Two and a Half Men's” co-star, Cryer was expecting to have a blast at the Sin City. But it was a very boring tour of Vegas for Cryer where Charlie went to his room to sleep most of the time. All Cryer did in Vegas was to watch his director Jim Burrows “play blackjack.”

Cryer, who played the role of Alan Harper in the hit CBS sitcom, got divorced and took Charlie's help to get his “equilibrium back with the opposite sex.” Cryer writes in his memoir that his co-star introduced him to prostitution that was “gaining a foothold on the Internet.” Cryer then shared his experience of hiring a Finnish prostitute and then “spending 25 minutes of my hour helping her with financial planning.”

Cryer eventually met an aspiring actress named Stephanie after a couple of years but broke-up with her because she had also dated Charlie in the past. The memoir also talked about the downfall of Charlie as an actor. Cryer has also written about Charlie's salary negotiation skills in the memoir.


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