‘Adventure Time: Islands’ to dig Finn’s past, to reveal what happened to humanity

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Cartoon Network has spilled the beans on “Adventure Time: Islands.” The network revealed that the miniseries will follow Finn (voiced by Jeremy Shada), BMO (Niki Yang) and Susan Strong (Jackie Buscarino) as they leave the land of Ooo to learn about Finn’s past.

Polygon has shared that “Adventure Time: Islands” will finally reveal what happened to all of the other humans. “Adventure Time” viewers know that both Finn and Susan are human beings. However, all of the other humans have been mysteriously absent. One of the biggest questions of viewers was: “Where is the rest of humanity?”

Viewers can also recall that there were very few humans left in the Land of Ooo as the majority of them were wiped out in the Mushroom War. It was initially made to appear that Finn was the only known human. It was later revealed that Susan Strong was human too.

In a statement from the network, it was confirmed that the miniseries will answer the viewers' biggest question: "Where are the humans at?" According to a statement,  the trio will deal with new creatures. They will also visit new islands and meet new friends along the way.

“Adventure Time: Islands” is the second miniseries of the show since it started airing. The first one was “Adventure Time: Stakes,” which aired in November 2015. “Adventure Time: Stakes” focused on Marceline the Vampire Queen.

Screen Rush has shared that “Adventure Time: Islands” will also be available on DVD, iTunes, Amazon Video and Google Play. The miniseries will reportedly come with exclusive content and animatics, art gallery and song demos.

Meanwhile, the series will air through 2018, which will include “142 half-hours of content” including miniseries, specials and more. The coming-of-age series began in 2010. 

Fans in Australia can catch the upcoming eight-part series on Cartoon Network. “Adventure Time: Islands” is slated to premiere on Jan. 30 and will run through Feb. 2.