'Adventure Time: Islands' miniseries premiere spoilers & latest news: Finn the Human, Susan Strong, BMO leave the land of Ooo

"Adventure Time" ends in 2018
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Nothing lasts forever and some of the most beautiful things would have to end at some point. As for “Adventure Time,” it has already announced its closure on Cartoon Network this 2018. However, before this show of epic proportions permanently disappears from screens, the folks behind it will be bringing its fans something more than the usual to remember it by.

“Adventure Time” will be offering a broader view into each character’s background. For this upcoming miniseries, titled "Adventure Time: Islands," the show will focus on Finn’s mysterious past in an eight-part special that will premiere in January.

Cartoon Network has recently confirmed that “Adventure Time: Islands” would closely follow Finn the Human, Susan Strong and BMO as they depart from the land of Ooo. It documents their journey across the vast ocean to get into bits and pieces of Finn’s past. The three of them will encounter a myriad of new wondrous locations, amazing creatures and make new friends along the way. With this, viewers can expect the same amount of humour of humongous proportions, epic battles with giants that are ten times their size and having the team trek, climb and soar through different climates and terrains.

By giving out bits and details about Finn’s backstory, “Adventure Time” will finally answer what could be deemed as one of the biggest questions by anyone who has ever followed the show. What happened to all the other humans in their world? It is to be noted that Finn and Susan are humans, but all other humans seem to be absent.

Polygon writes that “Adventure Time: Islands” is the second spinoff miniseries that “Adventure Time” had since it began. The first was “Adventure Time: Stakes,” which aired in November 2015. The series then gave fans a closer look into the life of Marceline the Vampire Queen.

The “Adventure Time: Islands” spinoff will air over four nights on Cartoon Network. It will debut on January 30, 2017 and end February 2. For those who want a little bit more for keeps, all the episodes will be available for purchase on DVD. “Adventure Time” also airs on Cartoon Network Australia.