‘Adventure Time’ DLC Comes To ‘Little Big Planet 3'

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Adventure Time
IN PHOTO: A float of Finn and Jake from "Adventure Time" makes its way down 6th Ave. during the 87th Macy's Thanksgiving day parade in New York November 28, 2013. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

“Little Big Planet” has been able to make some rather impressive partnerships for extra content. Various costumes and level kits have come from Marvel, to “Metal Gear Solid” and other PlayStation game properties. Now the latest game in the series “Little Big Planet 3” has announced another big DLC pack, this time featuring characters and levels from the hit Cartoon Network show “Adventure Time.”

Announced on the PlayStation Blog, the “Little Big Planet 3 Adventure Time” DLC includes a wide variety of characters, costumes and level kits based on the critically acclaimed animated program. Players will be able to use “LBP” versions of Finn, Jake, The Ice King, Gunter and The Cosmic Owl, with bonus character Fionna only being available through the “Adventure Time” Level Kit DLC.

There are two “Adventure Time” DLC packs for “Little Big Planet 3.” The aforementioned “Adventure Time” Level Kit DLC, which features Fionna, a gender-flipped version of Finn, along with a various amount of new materials and stickers according to PlayStation Lifestyle. The “Little Big Planet 3” DLC that features the other characters from the show is in the “Adventure Time” Costume Pack DLC.

In addition to these DLC packs, it has also been revealed that the “LBP” versions of the characters will be available as PlayStation Avatars. What’s interesting to note about this is the fact that there are two avatar versions of the Cosmic Owl, whereas there seems to only be one version of him as a playable character.

The timing for this “Adventure Time” DLC for “Little Big Planet 3” is an interesting one, as it was also recently announced that there would be a brand new “Adventure Time” game for current-gen consoles called “Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations.” Since the game won’t be coming out till fall, it appears that the DLC Packs could provide a good teaser for fans of the “Adventure Time” series.

“Little Big Planet 3” is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The “Adventure Time” DLC is also ready for download on the PlayStation Store once Sony users download the update that came out yesterday.

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