Your Chance to Buy a House on Mars is Lower Now

By @snksounak on

If you have been saving your pocket money to buy a house on Mars, you may get disappointed as of now.

Most people think that it will be magnificent if they get a chance to live on Mars. German architectural company ZA Architects has already come up with designs of habitats for humans on Mars. It plans to build those with the help of robots as construction workers. Their designs include a massive underground cathedral which is made of hexagonal rock. It has transparent floors along with flowing water.

Arina Ageeva of ZA Architects was talking to Dezeen. She explained how logical it was to plan for building houses for humans on Mars as Curiosity would take human beings to Mars eventually.

Her assumptions are sure to meet some rude shock as the latest data from Curiosity shocked NASA to find out that there is no existing methane on Mars. The presence of methane has been considered as a potential sign of life on Mars so far. NASA's news release on Thursday says that it was unexpected to get such results as telescopes detected methane before in the atmosphere during previous probes on Mars.

The most recent findings, therefore, reduce the possibility of life on Mars. It also means that the ambitions of human beings living on Mars have also been dwarfed. The new study was published online in the Science Express on Thursday.

Christopher Webster from the California Institute of Technology Jet Propulsion Laboratory led the study which now questions the credibility of previous measurements of methane on Mars by NASA scientists. It has been a sheer astonishment how the 19,000 tonnes of methane (estimated in 2003) disappeared almost completely by 2006.

Mr Webster wrote that there was no explanation either of the existence and distribution of methane reported earlier or its disappearance. The present study is based on data collected on six occasions during the period from October 2012 to June 2013. The relevant data was collected through a laser spectrometer especially designed to attach with Curiosity for measuring the amount of methane on the Red Planet.

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